Oct 252009

This coprolite pendant has been in the making for quite sometime. The stone itself is a story all by itself. We purchased a bunch of bulk lapidary material months and months ago and it was up to us to identify what eat stone was. So we are going slowly through the rough and picking some of the most interesting and appealing pieces, cutting them to slabs and then trying to identify them. This piece caught our eye because of all the bright and vivid colors present in this stone. The reds, oranges and yellows all seem to swirl around in random patterns within clear agate. It had us perplexed for a bit as its quite unusual pattern for a rock to form. After a bit if research, we realized we were not dealing with just any kind of agate, we were dealing with Coprolite, which is essentially fossilized Dinosaur poo!

This stone was so unique that my husband spent time cutting, shaping and polishing up a cabochon for me to use in a piece of jewelry. I set this piece of dino poo in a fine silver bezel with a sterling silver base. I also accented the piece with an almadine garnet to show off the deep reds seen in the coprolite. The pendant is finished off with a sterling silver snake chain and I just love the way this coprolite pendant came out!!