Jun 132009

I had no idea about this one and I found it kind of cool. After I made the custom necklace on the previous post I decided to shine another apache tear drop to make another necklace. I was wearing safety glasses of course to be safe, but as I was getting down to the last stage of grinding/prepolish on the lapidary machine I noticed that these rainbow flashes were hitting my eyes. It was actually making it difficult to polish up the stone because the rainbows were distorting my view. So I thought that was quite odd so I took off the glasses to inspect the stone and didn’t really see anything to cause that kind of rainbow through the glasses. So to see if the lens of the goggles were playing tricks I tried another stone and the rainbows did not happen. Hmmmm….odd.
So after i polished up the stone I was inspecting it for spots that needed to be repolished and that is when I saw it. There must be some kind of “inclusion” in the obsidian that looks like fibers that run from one side of the stone to the other. It catches the light and creates a chatoyancy with the stone only at two ends of the stone where the “fibers” terminate. At those ends if you hold it to the light at just the right angle, you will see a bunch of tiny purple/blue specs almost like dichrotic glass. There is no way I can catch it with a camera as you have to be looking at it at just the right angle with just enough light behind it. However, it is pretty cool!

Jun 112009

I am having so much fun with my new rocks as it is so exciting to figure out what I can make next. There are so many different types of rocks now that are just begging to be made into something beautiful. One of the things I got was bags and bags of apache tears, also known as obsidian. I had no idea what to do with them as they were all shapes and sizes. I got an idea to go ahead and polish up one of the smaller stones to see what it would look like. So I took it over to the lapidary machine and away I went polishing away. Before long (actually not long at all – like 30 minutes!) I saw a beautifully shaped stone and I held it under the light and noticed it was translucent, almost clear like a smokey quartz. This got me thinking how beautiful this would look hanging as a focal stone from a necklace. So off I went and drilled a nice hole in the top of the “tear drop” and decided to do a wire wrap design on the top. I think it came out quite nice after I accented it with a few smokey quartz stone and bali silver beads. Check it out below!
Apache Tears Necklace